beauxdeadly (beauxdeadly) wrote in avengers_search,

Omega Tony OT6 fic, specific *SOLVED*

Hey yall! This is my post on this group or on LJ at all but this has been bugging me for weeks. I’m looking for a specific multi chapter fic from a few years ago. It’s an ABO fic where Tony is an omega and every other Avenger (which is just Steve, Bruce, Clint, Natasha, and Thor at this point) is an alpha. It starts out with Tony’s heat coming up and someone suggests that they all help Tony out.It’s got a couple chapters setting up their relationship and then some smut, of course. I don’t think it was finished. Any ideas? Thanks for y’all’s help!
Tags: character: tony stark, kink: alpha/beta/omega, pairing: ot6, search: fic (specific)

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