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Two specific fic searches: raft and roommates

Hi, I'm looking for two specific fics.

First: Tony is held on the Raft and Ross gives him a collar that can produce any type of feeling (pleasure, pain, etc.) and tortures Tony with it. I remember that he can't leave the cell or he'll get shocked pretty bad, so when Steve (and the team?) come to rescue him, he kinda freaks out because he knows it'll hurt if he leaves the cell. I think they also might make Tony hallucinate to give up information.

Second: Tony and Bucky end up being roommates at school (college, high school? idk) but Bucky really hates Tony and treats him like crap. I think maybe they were friendly before, but Bucky blames Tony for his dad dying or something, despite it being Howard's fault and not Tony's. I think Howard also treats Tony pretty poorly. I could be mixing this up with other fics, but I think Bucky might lock Tony out of their room one night and Tony has to go sleep on a bench on campus. And I think Bucky might find Tony having a panic attack one time and it makes him realize Tony has his own struggles too. 

Anyway, I've been looking for both these fics for a long time and I'd be thrilled if anyone could find them for me. I know they were both posted on AO3 if that helps at all. Thanks in advance!


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