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Specific Steve Rogers/Tony Stark fanfic

Hello everyone.

I cannot find one fanfic I want to read again. It was posted on AO3. It's a Stony Civil War fix-it — pretty long one.

Steve and Tony go to some kind of resort on another planet. They kinda undercover - both go as themselves but pose as a couple. They find out that all of the guest including them are being drugged constantly which makes all of them pretty unhinged — not just sexually but emotionally as well. The lowered inhibitions make Steve and Tony resolve their post-Civil War issues. There’s a lot of soul-baring and emotional monologuing - but not so much of the bashing kind as of mostly therapeutic.

Please help me find. I'm craving to re-read it!

Upd: Well, I've finally managed to found it myself, yay! Here's the link if sombody is interested: https://archiveofourown.org/works/21099752


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