shen_weiqing wrote in avengers_search

Looking for a specific fic

Hi! I am looking for a fanfic where Loki is in Midgard as a punishment and he has to do whatever Thor says, but avengers see that he is mistreating Loki and almost killed him twice, when he told Loki to strain himself and use magic when Loki didn’t have any left and when he told Loki ’not to move a single muscle’ and forgot that heart is a muscle too, and avengers can stop the command by saying stop Loki or sth, and there is one time Thor told Loki to give Clint a blowjob and ‘show how he got the nickname silver tongue’, and after that Clint freaked out and stops Loki, but Loki then have a meltdown. I lost it and I think I forgot to bookmark it 😭… thanks in advance


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