Necrorogue (Becca Thompson) wrote in avengers_search,
Becca Thompson

Looking for specific fic

I'm not entirely sure whether it's one story I'm looking for, or two I've gotten mixed up, but anyway... what I remember is, Loki is taken back to Asgard for punishment, and it comes in two parts. His lips are sewn shut with an enchanted thread- I think it just makes so he can't make any sound, not just speak. And his magic is sealed. He's also marked with a sort of tattoo thing that most of the nine recognizes as meaning criminal, and it glows, and may or may not be what's sealing his magic? Anyway, he manages to escape, and has some sort of magic stones that give him nourishment, since he can't eat, and sort of hops from realm to realm for a bit, because his magic isn't as sealed as they thought? And eventually ends up going to see Thor on Earth, and sort of haunting Avengers Tower. There was a little thing with My Little Pony, and then Loki throwing stuff around in the kitchen, and then Thor cut the thread... I don't really remember much after that, some humans commenting on Loki's cool glowy tattoos, but that's about it. That ended up being longer than I thought, but trying to find this has been driving me crazy for the past few days, so any help is much appreciated
Tags: character: loki

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