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Fic reccs?! Please

Are there and really good Loki/Tony fics out there?

When the movie Avengers came out last year, I kept up with the Loki/Tony fics on Ao3 but have since then gotten lax in that area. I tried looking the past few days but couldn't really get into the fics I clicked on.

Are there fics any where loki is not the hurt party, but tony? I'm not talking about small little fills. Tony is mortal, loki has to deal with that. I would prefer the fics to be complete but if their updated regularly that's fine.

And I read on fic called I think, A Billionaire in King Odin's Court, where tony was trapped in Loki's body and ended up getting his punishment. Are there anymore out there like that? Not like the one I saw where they switch body but I think it was humorous? Not that.

Any help would be great!!
Tags: pairing: tony/loki, theme: loki (protective)

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