Veronica O'Neill (gadzooks97) wrote in avengers_search,
Veronica O'Neill

Thor AU - Thor kidnapped and grows up on Jotunheim with Jotun!Loki

Hey~! I've been attempting to find a particular fic for a while now. It was an AU of Thor and involved Thor getting taken (as a child/baby I think..) to Jotunheim where he grows up with Loki. He doesn't know that he is in fact the prince of Asgard and the two of them become close friends (not sure if it ended up becoming Thor/Loki). Because Thor is different to the other Jotuns, he is often picked on but Loki, being the prince of Jotunheim, is able to stop this and stand up for his friend. The two work together in training each other I think so that the other Jotuns would have no reason to discriminate against them. I think there were some scenes with Jotun!Loki using magic to make ice-sculptures.. (this may have been a different fic tho..). I also know that it was quite a long fic and spanned several years of their childhood as they grew up and matured.

I can't remember much else but I do know that it ended with Thor finding out his true heritage. I think there was an appearance by the Warriors three at this point..

If anyone knows what this fic is, it'd be much appreciated thanks!

Edit: I also just remembered a few important scenes. When Loki is all grown-up, he gives Thor a marking on his hand to prove that Thor is under his protection. Later, when Thor has gone back to Asgard, he keeps the marking and then gives Loki his own marking from Asgard. Which kinda forges a peace treaty between the two races as both of their princes (rulers?) are linked.
Tags: genre: canon!au, pairing: thor/loki, theme: loki (jotun)

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