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Hi all,
Having recently read a fic where Tony gives Bruce half his company(No more going it alone by Zphal, and one where Tony marries Bruce to make him a public figure(a marriage of convenience by enigmaticblues, I'm now hankering for any longish, domestic fics between Tony and Bruce, either friendship, slash, or threesome, that show the two integrating their lives-living together, being awesome together, basically being better together than they ever could have been apart, and realizing it. I'd particularly love any fics that show the two in the public spotlight, as a couple or whatever, emphasize how good Tony is with the hulk, etc. Also, if anyone knows of any other fics where the two get married, or where Tony gives Bruce part of the company, I'd be ecstatic : )
Also, any fics where Bruce acts as Tony's doctor in any capacity would be great : )
Thanks-sorry for the long request, but I need my science bros : )
Tags: genre: au, pairing: bruce/tony, search: fic (recs), theme: hulk (protective), theme: media, verse: movies

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