kestran_elf (kestran_elf) wrote in avengers_search,

Coulson/Barton story where Coulson has to find Clint...

...because S.H.I.E.L.D suspects that he has gone rogue (Clint that is). Clint was stationed at a SHIELD compound that gets blowned up and Clint is among the missing. The reasons for the explosion is unknown suspected accident or a terrorism. Phil arrives and with an apple he walks outside the compound and it might have been snowing and there he talks to Clint (Clint still has his earpiece I think) but Clint does not answer but Coulson figures out the truth and Clint shoots the apple. And the bad guy.

The words: "Take the shot specialist (or agent)" might have been uttered. But I am not sure if it was an apple Coulson had.

I think at least that is how I remember the scene. I have saved that story on my hard drive but I can't find it because I can't remember the name of it. Can anyone help?
Tags: character: clint barton, character: phil coulson, pairing: clint/coulson, search: fic (specific)

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