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Stony with background Thor/Loki

Found! Link in comments.

I'm never going to sleep if I don't get this down. Sorry if someone already asked it.

So the main pair is stony, but the only scenes I remember are with Loki haha. Here it goes:

One scene is that the avengers find some chitauri (sp?) on Earth and ask Loki if he can see where they are, he opens a magic door/eye within him, but while he knows where they are they also know where to find him now, at the same time it opens a gateway for them to try to pass through him. As a result they are severely damaging his internal organs. He ends up ripping up part of central park because the pain causes his magic to go out of control. I think someone knocks him unconscious to stop it.

In another scene Loki and an unconscious Tony get locked in a chamber with the Hulk  and Loki is using the last of his magic to teleport him and Tony away from the Hulk each time he charges at them while at the same time they are unable to leave the chamber.

Eventually Loki has to get some type of surgery so he doesn't die.

Also, near the beginning/middle Loki says something to Thor that implies he isn't worthy of him when he really means it vice versa. After Thor leaves Tony asks why he does that when it obviously upsets Thor.

And yeah, help me find this please!
Tags: pairing: thor/loki, pairing: tony/steve, search: fic (specific), theme: loki (hurt)

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