Running With Boltcutters (arwen_lune) wrote in avengers_search,
Running With Boltcutters

[Specific fic search] Clint recruited while deployed, is illiterate

This was one of the first Avengers fics I ever read, long before I saw the movie. (so may even be comicverse?). It's not that long - 2000 words or thereabouts.
Clint is with his unit on deployment (Iraq? Afghanistan?) when - I think - Coulson drops by to meet him. I think there's a moment where Clint shows off his marksman skills with firearms, and then says he can do better with a bow. Coulson brings out papers (recruitment) and then realises from the way Clint reacts that he is borderline illiterate.
Tags: character: clint barton, search: fic (specific)

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