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Unrecognized Heros

Hello every body. I have a few requests here if you could give me a hand in finding some good fics. In general I love fics with either Tony or Steve (mostly Tony) going unrecognized and being taken for granted like Peter Parker.

1) Any of you watch Iron Man 3 yet? You know that part where he's "undercover" in the small town? I love the idea of him being in a small town so removed from the rest of the world that no one recognizes him and maybe treats him like a drifter. I also love a struggle so the more opposition he has in leaving and the less technology available the better. Bonus points if his engineering ingenuity abilities are highlighted. Something written "Doc Hollywood" style would really make my day.

2) I would love to see an Avenger's version of "Easy Rider" minus the drugs and fiery deaths.

3) Any fics where Tony's identity is still secret from the team, until something big happens and his cover is blown.

4) I would love a fic where Steve tried to be normal at first with a secret identity and gets a 9-5 job or goes back to college, etc, and his "friends"/co-workers/classmates are mean/ rude/ make fun of him/ etc, until something big happens and his identity is blown. :D

Help a girl out?
Tags: character: tony stark, movie: iron man, search: fic (recs), theme: hidden identity, theme: iron man 3

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