Alaylith (alaylith) wrote in avengers_search,

Searching Fic - Steve breaking down

Hi there,

I just remembered a scene from a story, but I can't find it again and sadly I can't remember anything else about it. :/

The scene is something like this:

Steve is hurt in a fight and Tony goes to him when he is down and they wait for the medics,
Steve for some reasons has a breakdown; starting to cry and I think it was about not longer willing to fight or something like that.

Tony soothes him and stays with him until the mdics arive.
Later on I think there are some SHIELD people bad-mouthing about Steve's breakdown they witnessed and get in trouble with one of the Avengers who hears it.

Sadly I truely can't remember anything else about it (could be gen or stony; a drabble or long fic or it could all me an hallucination XD) - maybe someone recognizes it?

Just went through my collection the last few hours and I found the story again. :)
It's part of Qweb's  "A very good team" -

Can only recommend it and her other stories! *happy dance*
Tags: character: steve rogers, character: tony stark, genre: hurt/comfort, search: fic (specific), verse: movies

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