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Looking for two fics in particular

I've been looking for this fic for a while, and I can't remember the title, but I've read it somewhat recently. the pairing is Bruce/Darcy

Anyway the plot kind of goes like this: Darcy ends up getting a job with SHIELD and has a level one(?) security clearance, and so she goes to work in the vault where all classified paperwork and deceased members personal affects get stored. Eventually, she finds out that Coulson is alive and names herself as his niece and starts to visit him in the infirmary where she place music that she thinks he might enjoy. On one run to the labs with some files she runs into Jane, just after she blew up a lab and starts to yell at the assistants that are working for Jane because she hadn't slept in about 3 days or so and they allowed her to play with materials that go boom.

Also, on her first day she sees Fury and asks the guy showing her around "Unfortunate office supply accident? or pirate?" or something like that.

If anyone knows what fic this is then I would be most grateful.


The other fic I'm looking for is more of a drabble series; however, I really only remember one of the stories out of the series and I think there was 17 in total. It was a James "bucky" Barnes/ Darcy Lewis pairing and it had something to do with her neighbor across the way walked around his apartment nude, and Darcy stared at him, but she wasn't staring (that part was said in the fic). As she was getting ready for work one day she spilled something on her outfit, and was looking for spot remover in her underwear and Bucky called her on her cell and said that he appreciated the view.

If anyone knows this fic I would be most grateful for this one as well. :) I'd give cookies, but I think it is kind of impossible to do as of right now. :/
Tags: character: darcy lewis, search: fic (specific)

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