October 15th, 2011

Barton/Coulson fic

Hi! I`m looking for a fic which is Clint/Coulson preslash. AU.

Some stupid military guys decides thet they could use Blonsky in his monster-form. They take him to some kind of desert to test the serum, and Clint is sent there as a back-up to hold the monster within the enclosed area if anything happens. Of course, everything spirals out of control, and Blonski turns into a monster and beats the hell out of the soldiers, but Clint maneges to stop him and Blonsky falls from the mountain. As I remember it, after the S.H.I.E.L.D. people arrive at the scene, Iron Man picks Clint up and carries him to the jet where Coulson was. Clint turns out to have a broken leg and a concussion or something. Coulson is treating Clint`s wounds and they ends up kissing if I remember rignt.

Tnank you!