June 14th, 2012

Gentle Rose

Fandom n00b

Hello, all. New to Avengers fandom, just plowed my way through all the movies and planning to start reading some of the comics, soon, too (though I haven't gotten there yet). Any fandom classics or popular rec lists you guys can link me to? Particularly interested in Iron Man (my unabashed favorite), Captain America, Thor, and anything with Hawkeye, Coulson, and the Black Widow in it, though I'm certainly not opposed to Hulk either.

Big on Tony/Steve and Clint/Coulson(/Natasha), as well as Thor and Loki gen/brothers/pre-slash. Also big on angst (so far it seems the rest of the fandom is with me on this), h/c, and kinky smut of the D/s and BDSM variety.

Please and thank you!

Black Widow Vid

A little while ago I found, somewhere on the internet, an awesome Black Widow fanvid -- basically, it showed Natasha being completely badass. I can't remember the song or anything else about it, really, so I know that's not very helpful. So I'll just ask for general recs, I guess...does anyone have any links to fanvids focused on the Black Widow?

(Uh, it's all right to search for vids on this comm, right? If not, please feel free to delete this post, mods.)

Tony!Whump search...please help

I'm very new to the Avengers fandom and I'm looking for Tony!Whump fics. He can be paired with Steve, or with Bruce, or with Thor. Or it can even just be Team!fic.

I really just need h/c with Stark. :-)

I hope someone can rec me some stories.

Thank you in advance.

Mods, I hope I tagged this right.