July 2nd, 2012


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Darnit, I read this awesome Avengers fic on AO3 and forgot to bookmark it. It's a totally sweet post-movie story where Steve makes friends with the hipsters in his Brooklyn neighborhood. There's a scene late in the story where he goes to a dance and people are cosplaying the Howling Commandoes.

arc reactor smut


I'm looking for fic that features the arc reactor used during sex. I've been thinking about it since this fic (A Reasonable Conclusion by thebratqueen) that had a line about yanking the arc reactor in and out of Tony's chest, but I really don't care what they do with it as long as it's involved somehow.

Anyone have anything that might fit the bill?
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BDSM AU/directed 'verse Recs?

Are there any BDSM AUs / directed 'verse-type fics set in the Avengers? I know there are a bunch of Alpha/Omega fics, but I'm not in the right headspace for the bondingy focus of A/O stories. I am really hoping for long drawn-out power exchange dynamics, with all the B, the D, the S and the M the author can stuff in!

I only know of Ethos of Trust by Renai_chan on AO3, but I am a greedy, greedy fangirl, and I want moar. Any 'verse, any rating, any pairing, I am really, really craving some BDSM Avengers!

@mods - I honestly don't know what other tags would fit this request.

@comm - I'm SO SORRY I keep spamming y'all.