July 19th, 2012

Yunho Weary

Werewolves, Tony/Steve

I don't remember the title or author. I do remember that I originally found the fic on Ao3. It was Tony/Steve.

Tony was the Alpha werewolf, Steve was kind of a hybrid? I remember Tony saying something about how at least Steve never had to worry bout changing and Steve responding with how it just meant he didn't fit in as either a human or a wolf.

I know that's not much to go on. :x I'm sorry.

Also, that's the specific one I'm looking for, but I love werewolf fics, so if y'all have any fic recs where the Avengers are werewolves would be awesome.
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kidnapping, painting cards, Transformers

I keep spamming the comm... I'd apologize but my desperation has no shame! This time I am looking for specific stories:

1) probably a oneshot; Tony is kidnapped and the team manage to locate him. There is a plan to infiltrate and extract, but then Clint calls in that the arc reactor was being used to power the bad guy's base. The Avengers haul ass to get the arc reactor back in Tony.

2) FOUND! Steve tries to locate Captain America cards to autograph for Coulson but can't get them. Instead he paints them--not sure if he painted all or just the missing ones. ETA: the fic spent some time on the actual artistic process of painting the cards, and I think Phil was thinking these 'cards' were the most valuable possible, hand-painted by Captain America himself. (http://archiveofourown.org/works/416100)

3) Somewhen in the future, the Transformers use the Allspark to give JARVIS consciousness; he uses the Iron Man armor as his body... something to do with a promise made to Tony before he died? ETA: definitely Optimus Prime was explaining things to JARVIS. Probably written post IM1 or IM2...

Many, many thanks!