August 11th, 2012

Fic search - on AO3

So I was reading the series 'life as a treehouse extension' the second in the tree house series by kellifer_fic in AO3 and there was this one scene where Tony, Clint and the others were getting drunk, in the beginning of the story Steve had broken up/didn't want to get together with Tony for reasons and Tony was hurting because of that.

It reminded of another scene where this time it was only Clint and Tony and they were getting drunk again because Steve had broken up/rejected Tony, they were extremely drunk and then Natasha turned up and wanted to join in, at that stage Clint and Tony had become shirtless and one of the prerequisites for joining was that they anyone joining had to be shirtless too. Natasha then shrugs and strips down and they all get drunk together complaining about exes and do all sort of drunk shenanigans.

I know this is a really shallow thing to remember of a really good fic to read, but I now really want to re-read again and there are so many good avengers fic. It turns out all happy in the end with Tony/Steve pairing.

Anyway I hope someone can help


Avengers- Tony {brave new world}

tony arc reactor whump pleeeease help

I am going nuts, officially. I have been looking for this fic for two whole days with no luck. I read it recently, and wanted to read it again, but it seems to have vanished from the bowels of the internet, much to my continued horror and frustration. Anyone who can help gets all the internets they want and my first born.

So. I'm 90% it was a prompt on the kinkmeme, but alas I've gone through all the filled posts and haven't found it again, so maybe it's on AO3? I DON'T EVEN KNOW. But it's the typical, 'team gets kidnapped' plot, only not. The team minus Tony get kidnapped, and then he shows up to 'rescue' them but not in his armor or anything. Whoever the bad guy of the week is (but it's not Loki, I know that for sure), tells Tony he's free to leave, but then the rest of them will die. All the bad guy wants is Tony's arc reactor, given up willingly so his friends will live. So Tony takes it out and gives it to him, and the bad guy leaves. Then Tony gets all hurty and dying-y, but then Coulson and co. show up and rescue them all.

I loved it and it was really well written and all I want in life is to read it again. If someone can help, yes, you will have my undying devotion. Thanks in advance.

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