September 3rd, 2012

Sev & Remus
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This may be a long shot, but it's driving me nuts...basically, sometime in June or July I read a longish gen fic where Steve decides to reveal his identity on a late night show that I think was supposed to be Bill Maher. It starts with him having a drink in a local tavern when the news comes on and there he is, on TV, no mask, and the locals recognize him and aren't all that pleased.

Does anyone remember this? I tried Ao3 and zippity-do-da. Help?
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Looking for some recs

I'm in the mood for all your favorite stories where Tony is being restrained/confined/kidnapped by his friends. I'm not picky who - Pepper, Jarvis, the Hulk, Steve, several of them - it's all good. Only I don't want them to do this in order to hurt Tony, but because they love him and believe that it's in his best interest. He's overworked, there is something dangerous after Tony, they decide that being Iron Man is really too dangerous and this is the only way to stop him, he wanted to sacrifice himself for... something and they won't let him. Tony can bamf! his way out or not, or maybe be convinced that his overprotective 'savior' might have had a point (or not). It can be creepy and angsty or cracky and full of fluff.

Really, anything like that will be good. =)
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So I'm looking for a fic that I am fairly sure was on ao3 and it is Steve/Tony. I think it may have been multiple parts but they get together and Steve really struggles with his sexuality. And then after they're together they find Bucky is alive and he is majorly pissed to see how Steve's 'changed.' and Im pretty sure Steve gives him an ultimatum about accepting his relationship with Tony or not being his friend any more. I don't think the story was finished because I don't remember Bucky's response. So if anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks

Fic search: Tony adopts baby Loki

Hi everyone, looking for a fic I lost when my computer crashed:

I think it was called "Finders". It was either on avengers kink or norsekink where Loki is deaged to a baby when he lands on earth into Tony's home; Tony adopts him and calls him Clark; Loki doesn't remember who he is but still has magic/is super smart/sometimes turns blue.

Any help is appreciated since I'm going crazy trying to find it.

Found by the awesome mremre! It's Finders Keepers by purplemoon3

Thank you :)
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Lost fic: Tony helps Steve with makeup/coverup

I'm looking for a fic where Steve's got to give some kind of interview or press conference, but has really bad bags under his eyes. Pepper was helping him get ready and went off to find some concealer for him. In the meantime, Tony wanders in and starts babbling away while at the same time applying the concealer to Steve's face for the interview. I'm pretty sure I read it on AO3, and I'm pretty sure it was either gen or pre-Steve/Tony.


Found. live through this (and you won't look back by cicer.