September 8th, 2012

Sure honey

Post-movie Steve/Tony or Team fics

I know there are tons of fic recs lists out there, but hear me out. All the long, angsty Steve/Tony fics I’ve read were written before the movie came out and they're the same ones I keep finding in Stony rec lists all over the internet. As much as I love them, I would like recs for long slow burn fics that take into account the movie (I don't mind if it's genderswap). Got anything for me? Personal rec, lists?

(Also, any Team!Fic post movie would make me incredibly happy)

Thank you!
tony stark

Crossover fic search

So I just saw Indiana Jones in IMAX today, and it reminded me that Indy and Captain America take place at roughly the same time--they're both fighting Nazis, after all.  And in Cap they even mention Hitler's obsession with the occult.  So.  Here's my request:

Are there any fics that cross Captain America/Iron Man/The Avengers (any 'verse) with Indiana Jones (any move period, even Crystal Skull)?

Thanks in advance!

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