September 11th, 2012


Yinsen and Afghanistan

Are there any stories where they (The avengers -- Any of them) find out about Yinsen? I'd love it if Tony tells them, but if they hack into his files to find out, or find out through a flashback/nightmare would be awesome, too.

So uh yeah. And any stories where Tony talks about Afghanistan, please. It doesn't have to be very detailed, but I'd prefer more than just a passing mention/one liner.

Self recs are very much loved!!

Thanks so much!
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Hi! I'm searching for 3 fics :S First Tony&Steve, where they are fighting pre-slash and Tony tells Steve fyi. Sirius dies! and that he knows (then)Steve doesn't care...oh, but he will. I think ends Tony&Steve happy. Second, Clint&Coulson Coulson its "dead" and Clint break into his house full of greens, it turns out Phil had lots of Clint takes care of them, research and stuff. He ends up naming the plants, Nick was a cactus. Happy ending.FOUND IN COMMENT!!!! And last, Clint&Coulson, where Clint follows Phil to a club/rave they end up barebacking in the WC...happy ending:) Any help its great! 2ND.FOUND IN COMMENT!