September 13th, 2012



Hi, I hope you guys can help.  I'm searching for a fic I read awhile back -- it was one where Tony's having everyone move into the tower and all I can remember about it is that he had Pepper design Natasha's area for her.  I think Tony was giving Clint and Natasha the tour of the tower at the same time.  Sorry I can't come up with more than that -- thanks!



I've been looking for this fic for days and cant seem to find it but im sure its on AO3. All of the avengers think Tony is doesnt care about Pepper until the building where she is working is attacked and he has a tracker chip in her and goes to rescue her. I think there is a bit in it where Steve accuses Tony of treating her like a dog because of the tracker but he says he has one as well and the don't do any PDA because Pepper doesnt want it and wants there relationship to stay private and later Bruce asks Pepper the location of the chip incase because of medical reasons. 

All help is appreciated. 


Looking for Clint fic...

Least helpful summary ever, so I apologize. It's possible the fic was Clint/Coulson or Clint/Natasha or OT3, but it could just as easily have been gen.

Maria Hill has a conversation with Clint and basically tells him Coulson is afraid to pass him on to another handler, and Clint is holding him back. Clint decides to do the noble thing and leave SHIELD, but Coulson and Natasha follow him to bring him back.

It may have been on avengerkink or at AO3, but I have been looking and looking and haven't turned anything up yet. Help would be greatly appreciated!