September 14th, 2012

chloe sullivan, chlean, dean winchester

(FOUND in comments)Specific Tony + Steve gen fic

Hey guys, I'm so so desperate to find this fic it's driving me insane. 

It was one of the first avengers fics I read and I'm pretty sure - not 100% - that it was here on livejournal somewhere. 

The story, from what I remember was at a dinner party where a past acquaintance of Tony's turns up and Steve realises that Tony is scared of the guy and Coulson is there, dragging Steve away cos Steve's about to punch the guy. Then there's some kind of car journey, where Steve finds out the guy had sexually abused Tony and there's something to do with police officers who give them a lift home - not sure whether that last part is just imagined! 

Thanks for your help!