September 15th, 2012


JARVIS gets a virus/hacked? -- FOUND!

Tony finds out that JARVIS gets a virus/gets hacked by SHILED and he gets really pissed off. Tony adds new firewalls and then goes and tears into the stupid idiots who thought it was smart to damage JARVIS. I know it was more than a one shot. It was also from a few people's point of view. There was a camera in the "lab?" where Tony was yelling at everyone and the Avengers and Fury were watching him.

Any ideas?
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  • mremre

SHIELD agents insecure; Tony the cause?

I have a feeling that this is a small scene in a larger story/series. All I remember is how Clint is thinking about how SHIELD agents have lost confidence in their skill/ability/mission post-movie, and how they kind of sort of judge/hate Tony because HE stepped up even though they failed.


And if there are more stories that show Tony getting a little respect from those who didn't use to have any for him, recs would be cool =)