September 18th, 2012

2 questions

First i am looking for fics where Thor gets feeds up with Loki attitude or gets mad enougth at him that he hide somewhere not wanting to see him ever again. Cookies if once realise that Thor disapeared that he wants him back and spend time to try to find him. Hot chocolat and cookies if Thor got a new bf/gf while hidding from loki

Second, is there some kind of big bang for Thorki fics or the Avengers ? Love small fics but i so prefer long one :)

thanks for any helps !

Tony is Darcy's father...not really.

I'm looking for a story where, for reasons I cannot remember, Tony took Darcy shopping at...I want to say Bloomingdale's, but I can't remember for sure. Somehow, this causes a rumor to spread that he is her biological father. She doesn't dispute the rumor.

Does anyone know this story?

ETA: Found! It's Job Offer by annagarny. The part I remembered is in Chapter Five.