September 23rd, 2012

Gentle Rose

Visual Allspeak? Loki's Kids? A Spider-Man Search?

One specific fic search, two general/rec searches:

1.) I remember reading a fic (or at least a prompt?) on avengerkink a while back - basically, it said that Thor and Loki don't actually have pseudo-human bodies, it's just the way we interpret them as a kind of physical/visual allspeak.

2.) Any and all fics with Jormungandr!Fury, Hel!Darcy, and Fenrir!Coulson.

3.) I hope a TASM/Spider-Man search is okay (I tried to look for a Spider-Man ficfinding comm, and couldn't find one, so this seemed the best place to go). Major TASM Spoiler, so search is behind the spoiler tag: [Spoiler (click to open)]Any fics where Captain Stacey lives?
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Clint's Air Duct Nest

I'm trying to find a fic that I read a while ago.  I believe it was Clint/Phil (maybe a fix-it), but I'm not 100% positive.  Here is what I do remember:

- The fic is post-movie and Clint is having a hard time dealing emotionally. 
- The Avengers had all moved into the tower, though no one realized that Clint was living there because he moved into the air ducts where he built himself a "nest."
- He ends up spending a lot of time in the shafts above Bruce's lab as it is usually peaceful and calming.  Bruce finds out and lets Clint know he doesn't mind through a note.  The two eventually end up leaving messages for each other.
- When the other Avengers do find out that Clint has been living in the ventilation system, they're really upset; not for themselves but because it is evident that Clint is not holding up too well.

If anyone knows what fic this is please let me know!

FOUND:  On Nesting by snack_size