September 27th, 2012

6 Hurt/Comfort fic searches

Hi all!
Just found the comm(the wonders of google :), and I'm super excited! I'm looking for three different types of fics:
1.Any fics where doctorly Bruce treats Tony/acts as his doctor-especially anything involving the arc reactor.
2. Any fics where Tony has a disability/chronic illness of some form.
3. Any fics that show how broken Clint is, in some way, and the team helps him. Like, Clint has a disability(dyslexia?), or views himself as worthless, or hides his past, or thinks he's unworthy,etc. Anything really where Clint is whumped, and the team helps him.
4. Any fics set in the immediate aftermath of the battle(around shawarma time), that shows the team interacting-especially if whumped/bamf Clint or Tony is included : )
5. Any fics where the team realizes Clint and Coulson were in a relationship-I'd prefer no Coulson fixits.
6. Last one, I promise :) Any fics where the Team realizes Tony was abused as a child/see Tony for the wonderfully broken but strong person he is.
Thanks guys, sorry for the encyclopedic list of reqs :)
Any pairings, although I prefer Bruce/Tony or Steve/Tony : )

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Hi all, 

I'm looking for a post- movie fic where Tony has built a playroom-type space in the basement of the tower where Bruce can Hulk out and smash rocks, toss around truck tires, etc. It has a man-sized door, so that he can't exit u 
less he's Bruce. I think there may have been a big screen tv? Any idea what I'm talking about? I'm pretty sure it was on AO3.