October 2nd, 2012

pentwist - jgl

Avengers Post-Death!Fics?

So it's pretty much given that Thor will outlast all the other Avengers. How does he deal with their deaths? Which members died first? Or do they all go down together in a blaze of glory? Are their legacies carried on?

I'm basically looking for any fics that deal with what happens after one or all of the Avengers' deaths, whether it's from another Avenger's POV or an OC. (Yes, I'm feeling just a little fatalistic today.) A brilliant example of what I'm looking for (and what actually inspired this search) is Jaune_Chat's Iron Age, which gives us Iron Man's side of the story.

Bonus: I would also actually love you forever if you could rec me any fic where Loki somehow dies (or just stops fighting) and the Avengers reluctantly begin missing Loki.

Steve/Tony hurt/comforty fics

So I know in the comics Steve and Tony are practically canon BFFs or more, but in the movie Steve was downright vitriolic to Tony(did you guys see the look on Tony's face when Steve lit into him?!). So, I need some Tony feels fics, movie verse, where Steve realizes how wrong he was about Tony. Particularly any fics where Tony's horrible past(the cave/abusive Howard/obie,etc) is revealed to Steve. Captain America cuddling emotionally whumped Tony is a definite plus: )