October 4th, 2012


Specific Clint/Coulson D/s

Hello. I'm looking for a Clint/Coulson non-established D/s with Coulson as the top. The scene I remember is Coulson putting his hand on the back of Clint's neck and Clint immediately going to his knees reflexively. Clint is very surprised by his own submissiveness and Coulson has to explain it to him, then there is lots of negotiation.

Specific fic FOUND in the comments, but if there are any others with Clint (or other Avenger) surprised about being a sub feel free to rec them.

Peter Parker fics

Hi, I'm looking for any fics where Peter(the version from the Amazing Spider-Man) is taken in/adopted by Tony/the Avengers, while he's a teenager. Like, Spider-Man starts helping the adventures, and everyone is really shocked to discover he's underage-a kid.
Anything? Thanks :) No baby Peter fics please : )

Clint/ Coulson alien double

Hi, I am looking for a fic I lost. In it, the Avengers discover that Coulson was actually an alien shape shifter and the real Coulson got snatched before his relationship with Clint began. There was a conversation in it between Clint and Coulson where Coulson tells Clint he changed the nature of their relationship to throw him off guard so he would be less likely to notice any inconsistencies.

Any help finding this story would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

Found: Dreaming by bendingwind

Loki captured by Jotun in Thor

I'm new to the fandom and I'm interested in Loki-centric stories, particularly those featuring redemption. I've been trawling a lot of sites and I have already read some wonderful fiction. ♥ I seem to recall someone discussing a story that involves:

~Loki being captured on Jotunheim and thus discovering/coming to terms with his heritage~

If anyone knows of this story or something similar (perhaps the Jotun realise Loki's true shape and want him back etc and are angered by Odin's duplicity) please recommend. Thank you!
pentwist - jgl

Magical Realism Fics?

So it seems like there's a lack of magical realism fics in this fandom. (Or is it just me?) Besides the rare soulmate and daemon fic, that is. And the hawk!Clint fics. Those were awesome. This is understandable as pretty much every main character in the movie has some kind of amazing super power already, but really now, where are all the wing!fic AU's? The vampire/werewolf/other magical creature fics? The psychic!/empath!fics? (I'll take anything.) To clarify, what I have in mind is more of alternate universe type scenarios, rather than Loki casting a spell turning all of Manhattan into werewolves. Or something.

Thanks in advance!

Note: If any of you know any soulmate-type fics centering on Loki/anyone, kindly direct them this way? I'm particularly hoping for Loki/Tony, but anything is fine, really.
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Search: Rebuilding the Bifrost

I'm looking for a fic that I forgot to bookmark. It's set post movie when Thor brings Loki back to Asgard for trial where Loki manages to talk his sentence down to rebuilding the Bifrost bridge. One of the materials he needs to do this is vibranium so he contracts Tony to manufacture it for him because of it's extreme rarity. It ends up being Loki/Tony and there's some apple theft and another visit to Asgard later on.

Anyone recognize this?