October 11th, 2012


Looking for a fic based off a scene

I know this is extremely specific, but I can't remember for the life of me the name of the story.
It's definitely on AO3. It's a pre-Tony/Steve that I think fades into Tony/Steve and theres a scene where its raining, something happened to Tony where hes lying on the floor of the tower and looks like hes hurt and Steve completely freaks out and thats when Tony realized Steve's afraid of losing people.

Any help would be much apperciated!
winter trees

Searching for Steve/Tony fic

This has been driving me crazy. I think it was on A03. I think it was post-Avengers-movie-verse. Steve and Tony are in an established relationship; I think the first scene is in Tony's workshop, and Steve blurts out that he wants to have children. Tony takes that as meaning that Steve wants to break up and find a woman to be with because Tony isn't a woman and can't bear his children... Also that Tony isn't sure he's up for dealing with having kids. Eventually, the misunderstanding is cleared up, Steve says that if Tony isn't ready, he isn't ready, and I think the fic ends with compromising and considering getting a dog... Help?