October 13th, 2012

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Phil has panic attacks after the avengers

Looking for a fic which was Clint/Coulson, and after waking up in medical Phil sees Clint and assumes he's still working for Loki and has a panic attack, and this goes on even after he finds out that Clint is himself - he has nightmares and flashbacks.

Clint had some kind of nervous breakdown after the fact, and separates himself from Phil?
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Steve Rogers as an Actor

I read a fic a while back, in which Steve takes up his old acting career in the new century.  I believe it begins with a cameo role as a soldier, and then leads to a big part in a modern film with which he surprises everybody with his performance.  

Can someone direct me to that fic?  I don't recall if there are particular relationships but it is set post Avengers.  They may all be living in the tower.  There may also be something along the slash lines within.  I am sure I read it on AO3.  (I've been plowing through the fic in this fandom, and I don't always remember to bookmark the good stuff.)  

Thanks a bunch!