October 14th, 2012

Epic Love, Gorn, Kirk

Tony Goes Undercover

This is kind of a long shot because it's a vague, second-hand search-- I saw this fic mentioned on the kinkmeme (someone said they'd read it but couldn't find it again), and I really really want to read it.

All I know is that in the fic Tony has to go undercover for some reason, so he shaves off his beard and puts on an English accent. Unfortunately, that's all the detail I have.

Thank you all for your help! Fic-finder comms are the best.

Update: Found! Link in comments below. Thanks again.

Looking for Insecure!Tony recs

Hello to the awesome members of this com! I'm looking for Steve/Tony fics with insecure or hurt!Tony - getting together fics, preferably, though est. relationships are lovely too. Pretty much anything falling under this heading is of great interest, and I'm fairly new to the Avengers movie fandom, so feel free to rec as many as possible. Please and thank you! :)