October 16th, 2012

Request for Tony-centric recs

1. Tony Stark/Bruce Banner -- Anything out of the way (i.e. not posted on fanfiction.net or AO3) 

2. Tony being bisexual -- A fic that actually has him or others talking about it. Don't care what the pairing is. Tony/Any or gen

3. Tony and the press. Avoiding them, what they report, him giving an interview etc.

4. Tony's work for Stark Industries, weather he went back to being CEO, as a shareholder, or involved in R&D.
    ----- Tony being over-worked recs are cool too. 

5. Fics with relationship negotiation, weather a polymory or a two-person relationship the boundariesthat are involved in a relationship. (Tony-centric)

Thanks you your help.
Phoenix and Unicorn by sealcat
  • sealcat

Searching for "Something About Hearts" by ClockStrikesMidnight


This is the first time I post here to searching for Avengers fic, hopefully this post is ok for this community? And if is not allow in the community, please let me know and I will deleted it.

Few days ago I was reading "The Hearts of Soldiers" by ClockStrikesMidnight on AO3 (Loki/Tony, Loki/Clint, Clint/Natasha), and it mention that was the slight spin off of her first fanfic: "Something About Heart". Because I am just new into The Avengers Fandom, when I going to search it, it was already deleted, and author was very kind offer to send me a copy...But she just realized that her computer already automatically deleted it. So I am wondering if anyone might have the chance to read it and saved it? And if it is ok to ask for a copy for it too?

Thank you so much for your help!
incredibles totally awesome!

Paladin Stories

OK, so I just read the totally awesome story called Paladin by jaune_chat where Steve's Patron Goddess is Columbia.
This was written for a prompt at avengerkink: "Steve still firmly believes in one God. But it's not the god everyone thinks. When Steve had the super-soldier serum pumped into him, he had a vision of the goddess Columbia, who told him to be her paladin and protect America in her name."

Does anyone know of any other good stories that are like this?

That deal with the Personification of Pagan Gods like in Neil Gaimans' American Gods or even Marvel's Lady Death. I have checked the tags on ao3 but nothing really caught my my eye. I know that Thor fics sometimes deal with him and his family being more than just super powered aliens that we usually see but I just have not really seen that as much as I would expect.

I just love the idea and I would be grateful for any quality recs. Thank you!