October 22nd, 2012

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Looking for a specific story. I only remember a scene but I'm sure it's likely a popular, well-known story and I'll facepalm when someone tells me what I'm thinking of but in the scene Tony and Steve are standing in the remains of a store after a battle and they're talking when finally they kiss, but they're still in their uniforms and I just remember the bits about them whining about how they needed to touch each other, some kind of skin to skin so Cap takes off his glove to touch Tony's face.

It's going to seriously bother me until I find out what story I'm thinking of!

The Team resuse to rescue Tony

Hello everybody!
I'm searching stories where Tony is kidnapped (again). But the Team isn't going to rescue him (They don't know about kidnapping, or presumed than Tony is dead. Or they are just disgusting friends). And Tony has to get out of captivity by himself. It would be perfectly, if there is happy-end.