October 28th, 2012

Renner eyes

A few general recs, please?

Okay, gotten a bit deeper into the fandom, been finding some wonderful gems.... and found myself craving some certain types of fics. I'm hoping maybe you awesome folks have some recs for me? *hopeful* I'm looking for fics that fit:

-Why Clint grabs a bow when Coulson says he needs "eyes up high with a gun"
-Fics with Clint disliking rainy weather for whatever reason
-Tony highly protective of his AIs (Dummy especially)
-Tony quietly doing repairs on things to protect 'his' people (I read one in which he does constant maintenance on Steve's bike, because that's how he expresses his affection. Rhodey says something along the lines of "That bike will never, ever fail you. Never. It's the best protection he can offer."
-Clint with hawk-like behaviors
-Coulson getting pissy that Iron Man and Thor kept ducking debriefing in their respective movies

I'm thrilled with any length, any genre but horror, and as far as pairings go, I tend to adore Steve/Tony and Clint/Coulson (with or without Natasha), but only really get squicky when Banner is paired up with Barton or Coulson. Gen (no pairings) is always welcomed too, as well as any ratings. Even if the scene is just a small part of a bigger story, I'll still be thrilled.

(And of course, I'm always, always looking for any hurt!Tony, hurt!Coulson, hurt!Clint, and deaf!Clint... *sheepish)

Fix-it where Loki fixes it

Are there any fics around where Loki is responsible for bringing a certain agent back from the dead? Either by bargaining with Odin, asking a favour from Hel, or any other means?

I'd love to see the implications of this dealt with - is he brought back the same? Do the Avengers/SHIELD trust him?

Would especially like Clint/Coulson but I'll take what I can get!

Team protecting Bruce fic

I'm looking for one I read a while back and am no kicking myself that I didn't bookmark.

It might have been a 5+1 fic, or maybe not, but in the story, the Army/General Ross keep trying to get Bruce back and the team protects him from that, at first without him knowing.  Like the first time Tony keeps them away with legal red-tape or something like that, and one time Clint goes out on a balcony/ledge at the tower and shoots out tires from a few blocks away to stop the people on their way, and so on, including one fight in the lobby (I think?) of the tower in the middle of the night, and Pepper starts yelling at the people that came in.

Any and all help would be great in finding this, its been driving me crazy lately.