November 7th, 2012

Tony/Iron Man hidden identity; arc reactor is secret

I'm looking for some fic recs in which it is not widely known that Tony is Iron Man.  Whether that means that no one knows, or just Pepper and Rhodey, or all the avengers and SHIELD know, but it is not known to the general public. 

Also, any fics in which whether or not people know that he is Iron Man, they don't know that the arc reactor is a part of him and not the suit and that it's keeping him alive.  So obviously he keeps that covered up when he's not in the suit.  (Gotta say it always seemed strange to me that he walks around showing that thing off when it is so obvious a weakness.)

I'm not really looking for identity!porn of the Tony/Iron Man/other variety.  Any pairing or gen is fine, MCU preferred.

Please and thank you!