November 8th, 2012

Looking for Steve/Darcy Story

I'm looking for a Steve/Darcy fic I read in AO3. The two of them watch Disney movies together (once a week?). One scene is them watching a movie while Steve is in hospital; he doesn't take pain meds because they won't work on him, and Darcy can actually hear his ribs snapping back together. Then there's an attack where Darcy is badly hurt, Steve carries her to the infirmary I think, she has a bad stomach wound. Oh, and she has a drawing of pre-serum!Steve that she kinda carries around with her.

Ring a bell, anyone? Please? I've read the fic not too long ago and now I can't find it again, it's driving me nuts!

ETA: Found! Link is in the comments.

Looking for a Steve/Tony au fic

Awhile ago I was on AO3 and came across a AU where the world was filled with vampires, werewolves, witches, etc instead of super powered people. Tony was in New York on business (he normally lived in LA because a group of sups ran New York and he was less then comfortable with it). He was a werewolf and was kidnapped by a terrorist group that put silver shrapnel by his heart with a device like the arc reactor that prevented it from killing him. Steve was the werewolf pack leader from Brooklyn who the group wanted to pin Tony's kidnapping on. Does this ring any bells for anyone? It's really been bugging me.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Found!
  • pitac89

Young Avengers Related?

Okay, rules say any Avengers related searches, so here we go.

So, by natural progression, I went from watching the movies, to reading the comics. Now that I've gotten to the Young Avengers comics, I'd like to read the fanfiction. Problem is, I can't find much. So if anyone can direct me toward a good Young Avengers archive, rec list, or meme, that would be much appreciated.
  • sonten

Steve - a Man out of Time

Hello guys~
Could you please rec me some nice Steve-centric fics, which are about him finding his place after waking up from the ice? Where he goes, how  he manages -or not- to blend in, or take a normal job, etc.. - so his everyday life.
Steve/Tony is a huge bonus, but I'm fine with gen too :]