November 19th, 2012

Coulson/Clint AU

I'm pretty sure this was a full of some kind, but I haven't been able to locate it - the avengers show up at coulson's apartment to find signs of a struggle and of someone not coulson fighting back, as well as clothes and belongings that aren't his. Just as they go to rescue him/them, the pair show up, having kicked ass and taken names by rescuing themselves.

help please!


Hi!  I'm brand new to this community with a couple of general searches for Philanthropist!Tony.

1)  I just re-watched the first Iron Man this weekend and I got kind of distracted by the part where Tony was talking to Christine (the Vanity Fair reporter) about "the millions we've saved by advancing medical technology."  And now I'm wondering if there are any fics that mention Tony personally engineering things of the medical variety.  It seems like there should be something about him developing better prostheses or something like that, right?  Or, I dunno...water filtration systems for 3rd world countries?

2)  I sort of especially love the scene of him with the G.I.s and I'd love to read anything with him supporting causes for veterans.  Or really, interacting with soldiers or veterans in any way.  He just had such a great rapport with the soldiers in that first scene, and I think he would have been big on their causes even before having his change of heart about weapons manufacturing, and I think the guilt over seeing his weapons used to kill American soldiers would just amplify that even more.

I'd especially love fics relating to the other Avengers finding out about all the ways in which Tony is awesome and caring and stuff, but I'll take pretty much anything, pre- or post- Avengers, any pairing, whatever. tags related to philanthropy.  Is that not a thing here?  Cause I really feel that that should be a thing.