December 12th, 2012

Clint abused by handler (not Coulson), (good) Loki left Avengers due to same handler's abuse

I'm searching for a story I read, maybe here, maybe on AO3. AU where Loki was a member of the Avengers & each Avenger is assigned to a handler, 2-3 to an agent.

Fury assigns Clint from Coulson to a new handler. The new handler had been Loki's, who flipped out and left the Avengers without explaining why. Fury suspects the handler is the reason & figures Clint won't take any crap & they'll get the truth about the handler from him. They thought wrong. Clint allows the handler to physically & emotionally abuse him, due to a misunderstanding of the handler/asset guidebook.

Features Clint using the air ducts to sneak into Coulson's room to sleep on his couch, until he gets the new handler who punishes him for it. Loki eventually returns to warn Clint, then Phil & the team find out what's been happening & much badassery ensues on behalf of Loki & Clint by their team.

Can't remember if it ends with Clint/Coulson or if it's only implied. I think there may have been implied (strongly) Natasha/Fury, but nothing explicit.

FOUND, no longer on-line, but PDF copy provided by other member.  Thanks tamnation!
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Multiple Languages


So, today (tonight?) I'm looking for some fics in which Tony speaks in a different language. We know he is a genius, so he wouldn't have that hard of a time picking up a new language. Also, he most likely has customers and such in other countries. And, I think living in a cave for 3 months with people speaking other languages would cause him to learn something, maybe Yinsen even taught him something.

Anyway, thanks anyone who manages to find something! :)