December 20th, 2012


BusinessPlans Tony and TrollThor

I'm looking for one particular fic, and recs for a general type

The one I'm looking for starts right after the fight in New York, and Tony gets to work on selling Avengers merchandise for himself,and I think Bruce, Thor and Cap (that was already sitting in a warehouse or something) right away..shirts, action figures etc...  He makes plans to figure out whether they should do any for Clint and Natasha, taking into account the whole secret agent thing.

Secondly, and I've seen a few like this, I'm looking for fics where the Avengers come to realize that at least part of the reason Thor acts the way he does on Earth is that he knows nobody will call him on it.  In one fic, somebody came out and called him a troll, and they laughed about it.  Any fics like that would rock.

As always, any and all help is greatly appreciated. 
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I vaguely remember a story that was frostiron. The only part I really remember is that tony got a book on Aesir law from Thor and read up on it and then ended up speaking in defense of Loki in front of Odin. I think there was a flying car at one point too. Like I said very, very vague. Can anyone help?