January 1st, 2013


Specific fics and some recs

Hoping you guys might be able to help me out. I've misplaced 2 fics, and am searching for some general recs.

1) I can't quite remember most of it, it's one of the first fics I read when I got into this fandom, but it's centered on Bruce and Natasha, and Natasha realizing her mistake was telling Bruce he'd be okay, instead of asking him for help in the Helicarrier, because her telling Bruce was what triggered the Hulk, and if she had asked for help instead, he could have pushed the Hulk back. Does this ring bells for anyone? FOUND (A Chance To Field-Test Some Crazy Ideas)

2) It was a WIP when I last saw it, and I've totally misplaced it. It's a slight AU, in that SHIELD still exists, but the Specialists (Natasha and Clint, others are mentioned in passing) are known as Hawks, and their barracks are known as Mews, and it's a very falconry-based world. I believe it's Trickshot that's abusing Clint, and Coulson winds up in possession of him, and when he takes Clint up to his new room, he mentions that when Natasha is there, the curtains must be left open (a past trauma of hers, and apparently it's supposed to instill panic in the 'Hawks' when they see open windows), and Clint says that's fine, he's never been bothered by the open sky. FOUND (Passanger)

3) Any fics similar to #2, in that the agents are treated as hawks/falcons/hunting companions.
4) Any slavery fics, I'm finding precious few of those.
5) Any suicidal fics, especially Clint. Also on the prowl for Clint-centric self-harm.
6) My usual pleadings for deaf-Clint, hurt/comfort with the Clint/Coulson (or Clint/Coulson/Natasha) pairings.
7) Lastly, I'm starting to venture out of Clint/Coulson and have taken an interest in Steve/Tony, but I'm not sure where to start. Any 'must-reads' that you all are willing to share would be greatly appreciated.

Happy New Year!
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General Fic search, Insecure Avengers

Hey guys! The title basically says it all, I really love fics where the Avengers are insecure about their place on the team and it takes the other members of the team/an event/anything to prove that they are wanted/needed.  I'm not fussy about which Avenger (Although Tony and Clint are my favourite!)

 Any recs (gen or slash) would be appreciated but the longer the better :)