January 2nd, 2013

Bruce-centric Recs

I'm looking for recommendations for your favorite Bruce Banner stories. I'm at that point where I think I've read most everything in the A03, and I'm desperately looking around for more fic! I'm in a Bruce mood right now, so I'd love to read anything focusing on him, gen, het, or slash. If you know any good recommendation sites or fanfic communities, I'd love to hear about those, too.

I know this is a really general search, but I'll take pretty much anything.


hey there fellow shippers! it turns out i DID actually post this thing right the first time, so YEA ME! but seriously, i have come to make requests. i sadley still dont know how to comment on peoples comments, so to those who helped me find fics my first time around...GRACIAS! you ROCK! and i really apprecaite it.

now back to business, i dont know if you guys have ever gone through a time where you search for a specific sort of plot line and ONE story isent good enough.....i REALLY do apprecaite those who elped me, but i still want MORE. its like an itch i cant scratch or a withdrawl system or something.... so im here to ask...

if anyone, and i mean ANYONE, can help me find stories that involve tony doing something stupid/ heroic/ life threatning/ REALLY REALLY DUMB and the team ( or just a singular character) freaks out and calls him out on it. i want REALLY over-protective and worried team mates over tony. I AM ON WITHDRAWL!!!! he could be sick/ injured/hospitalised/ kidnapped/ did something amazingly stupid and self-sacraficing, i dont care! well ...actually i do, i kinda want it all. sorry im so greedy XD!

but if someone could help me with this (or multiple someones) i would SO APPRECAITE IT!!!!!!
ch: hulk, ch: iron man

Bruce, Hulk Stories


I'm looking for stories in which the Hulk starts taking over, basically. Either it's harder for Bruce to control him, or when the Hulk shows up he stays for a lot longer. Bonus points if the tables become turned and it gets to where the Hulk is present most of the time and Bruce only gets to come out very infrequently.

Thanks very much!