January 3rd, 2013

Fic Recs?

Hello!  I'm fairly new to Avengers fandom, and I've been devouring as much fic as I can find.  Only thing is, I'm not into slash, which as you can imagine, makes it difficult.  

I LOVE Tony/Pepper, and I was wondering if anybody can rec me any post-Avengers fics that focus on them?  Multi-chapter, drama, hurt-comfort, something I can really sink my teeth into.

Also, any giant recs lists.  Here on LJ, dreamwidth, tumblr, delicious, I don't care.  I've just always found that when I'm new to a fandom, recs lists are your friend.  :D

Like I said, I like Tony/Pepper.  I also read a lot of Clint/Natasha.  Also, any canon pairings are good, and I'm not opposed to Bruce/Darcy.

Thanks in advance!
Proud Slasher

(no subject)

Hello everyone!

I love Steve as much as the next person, but let's admit it. He's not going to be used to a lot of things in the present.

So. I'm looking for fics in which Steve, knowingly or unknowingly, is a judgemental tit.

Fics like Toni and Loki's Excellent Adventures by pprfaith, and First Impressions and Second Chances by lilsmartass.

I don't particularly care whom he's judgey towards, but I think it would most likely be Pepper/Natasha/Maria or Tony, on account of the former being women and the latter being... well. Tony. If you can come up with anyone else, I'm good with that too. Maybe even JARVIS, because he doesn't get how a robot can be alive. Maybe it's Darcy, because as far as I can tell she's a female version of Tony, in terms of personality, and if Steve doesn't approve of Tony's behaviour, what's he going to say about Darcy?

Don't get me wrong. I don't want a horrendously OOC Steve. I'm just looking for fics in which he doesn't get it. You know? Like he just doesn't see why what he's saying/doing is unacceptable. And it comes off as him being a tit.

I'm so sorry for asking for this but I really hope there's something out there. I really don't think he'd fit into the 21st century all that easily. I mean, seriously, it has to have changed a lot from back then, right? Well. Yeah.

Thanks in advance!