January 6th, 2013


Clint-Centric Maybe?


I am trying to find I fic I think I read a while back on the archive. It was post-movie and Clint-centric as I recall. Clint moves into the tower's ducts and feeds Bruce takeout in his lab when he forgets to eat. I think maybe Clint finds Bruce's presence comforting while he is mourning Coulson or something. At some point, the rest of the team finds his duct nest and is very concerned, insisting he cannot live like that.

I'm sorry. I recognize that is super vague bit any pointers you have I would be most grateful.

Fury quote

Kid-fic, and evil sea monster

1. I'm looking for any stories where Clint gets turned into a child, however it happens. Not fussed at all whether it's a pairing when he's an adult, or gen

2. I'm also looking for a specific story, where Clint and Coulson are being dragged underwater to a submarine by Tony. The bad guy they're going after is, I think, gathering all the sea creatures to tip the boat the other Avengers are on, because he thinks he's king of the seas, and Clint is hacked off because he can't shoot at the fish but one of the others is. It's part of a longer story, but I have no idea what else is happening in it.
ETA: Found by tamnation, it's A House Is Not A Home but infiniteeight