January 7th, 2013


Tony whump recs and a specific story search

Hello all.  I find myself craving a certain type of story tonight and since I've reread the ones I have bookmarked already I thought I would turn to you all and see if you could help me find some more.  

I am craving Tony whump tonight, and a few different kinds in particular.

1.  Stories where Tony blows himself up or otherwise injures himself in the lab.  I'd also take in battle, but I'd really like things going boom in the lab.  I just reread An Experiment Goes Awry by Dante_s_hell on AO3 (http://archiveofourown.org/works/455875/chapters/783884) and now I am craving other lab explosions/injuring creating situations.  Bonus if there is h/c from the other Avengers or Loki.  I'd love any pairing or gen.  

2.  Apparently this is the night to make Tony suffer.  I'm also looking for Tony-with-a-migraine stories.  I've just finished In Waking Moment by Ghibli22 on AO3 (http://archiveofourown.org/works/458891) and Pressure Poin by Ratherastory at AO3 (http://archiveofourown.org/works/455774) and I'd love more.  I thought I saw one on the kink meme way back when, but not sure.  Any and all Tony migraines would be awesome, any pairing or gen.  

3.  And to top off the Tony whump parade tonight, I'd love anything dealing with the fact that having a hunk of metal shoved into one's chest generally leads to issues.  Kuailong has just started writing Best Laid Plans (Often Go Awry) on AO3 (http://archiveofourown.org/works/625761/chapters/1130007) and I've been stalking Arc Tremors y MountainRose on AO3 for  updates daily.  I'd love other stories along these lines.  Especially ones dealing with the fact that Tony's immune system is likely compromised (such as the story that was requested here: http://avengers-search.livejournal.com/102180.html#comments).  Any pairing or gen again please.  Just, stories focusing on problems that the arc reactor causes.

4.  And... totally unrelated to whump!Tony, I just remembered I've been meaning to ask about a specific story for a while now and haven't gotten around to it.  I think it was on LiveJournal.  Cap's shield was stolen, and he and the team (minus Tony) were on the trail of the thief.  Tony was staying back since he had a meeting with a new bio-tech company.  During the course of the meeting the company is attacked by mercenaries, who coincidentally enough have Steve's shield and are working for a guy connected with Hydra and the Red Skull.  Tony does ninja-tech-fu with his phone to access the bio-tech company's security to help people get out, Happy is taken prisoner with the suitcase suit, Tony uses Cap's shield and homemade devices to fight back, and ends up drench in algae.  Ick.  Cap shows up just in time to help take down the bad guy.  I'm fairly sure that this is a Steve/Tony story, but the relationship was pretty background and the story mostly focused on BAMF!Tony without his suit.  Does anyone recognize this story?  My Google-fu is on the fritz and I'd love to read it again.

I'd love any and all recs people can give me and sorry for asking for so much.  Lol.  Thought it might be easier to do one long post than spam you call with individual ones.  Thanks all!
Gentle Rose

Multiple Fic Searches

Hi! I'm looking for the following specific fics:

1.) Either a bit of a long fic, or a fic series; early on in the fic/series Steve (in the 21st century) publicly outs himself as gay and says he had a relationship with Bucky. Later on, after they've recovered the Winter Soldier, Bucky hears about this and isn't happy that Steve outed him. (Pretty sure they work it out eventually.)

2.) It's a fic series, and in the second part, Pepper realizes Tony has set things up so if he dies, everything goes to her. She gets upset because she hasn't said "I love you" to him yet, and while Tony doesn't mind, she does mind (or at least thinks Tony should care more).

3.) Pepper/Tony/Steve fic - towards the end of the fic, after some threesome sex, Pepper and Tony start talking/planning something, and Steve thinks about how he's sleeping with people who multi-task during sex. (Search #2 eventually turns into Pepper/Tony/Steve, so these two may be part of the same series, but I'm not sure).

4.) I only remember one scene from this fic. Basically Natasha gathers the team together because she needs help 'finding someone', but when she hands out the file, Steve sees Bucky's picture and thinks it's some kind of sick joke until Natasha explains about the Winter Soldier.

And, while not a specific search, I'd also love any fics where Tony and Pepper either get married or are married (or at least as good as married).

Thank you!

Clint/Tony in college fic


I've read a clint/tony fic somewhere but now I can't find it. They are both in college and meet at the library. Clint is studying hard, Tony is not. Tony is rich and Clint doesn't believe Tony is genuinely interested in him at first, but Tony convinces him. Clint works at a diner and has two little brothers he has to look after. Pepper is Tony's best friend and Natasha is Clint's.

Please help,