January 14th, 2013

Roadtrip Steve

Hi all! I am delurking hoping someone might be able to help me find a fanfic I read of Ao3 a little while back. I remember that Steve was on a roadtrip on his motorcycle. The scene that stands out to me is that he got pulled over by the highway patrol for not having a helmet. The two police officers made the connection that he was Captain America, but before that, they connected him with some sort of war. From what I remember, one or both of the officers had done a tour of duty in Iraq and recognized some minor PTSD symptoms in Steve. I'm pretty sure it's not "It Will Probably Accelerate", but I might be wrong. Any help would be absolutely amazing!
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I read a story awhile back, I think it was on ao3 which I can't seem to find.
The premise of the story is pretty much that Clint's a badass and really good job but the team can't see that, especially Cap. It's possible it was like five times-type of story but I can't remember. I think it also was Clint/Coulson story, but again I'm not sure.

thanks for any help given.
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FrostIron long!fic recs, please!

I've recently been bitten (hard) by the FrostIron bug, and since I have some long, long trips coming up, I was hoping you lovely people could help me out a bit.

So, rec me anything and everything FrostIron. Preferably long, but if it's good, I'll enjoy it no matter the length. Any genre, any theme, any rating. Preferably movieverse, but comicverse is good too.


Superfamily - specific fic search and general recs

I read a story (probably on AO3, maybe on the kink meme) where Tony was the single father of Peter Parker, and now dumb me can't find it. All I really remember clearly was Steve (still with a bunch of misconceptions about Tony) meeting Peter in either a hospital or on the Hellicarrier, and being shocked that this nice kid is Tony's son.

And, along those lines, I've become warily fascinated by thing thing called "superfamily", but a few I've read are threatening to turn me off. Can someone rec me good superfamily fics?