January 16th, 2013


JARVIS fic help

Hi! I've recently lost a fic, and could really use help finding it as it is one of the best I've ever read. It is basiclly a fic about JARVIS and his creation and learning. It makes several mentions of how important Tony is to him and how much Tony trusts him. There is also refrences to Skynet and other fictional AI's gone wrong. If I remember correctly people (the Avengers or maybe SHIELD) find out and are creeped out.....but that may be another fic.


Specific Fic + General Requests

Hello! I'm relatively new to the fandom and the comm and I thought I would try it out. I'm looking for two things (I bookmark my fics but my computer crashed recently and now I'm lost, so lostttt)

1) I saw this fic about a month ago when I was searching through AO3 for gems to read. I only skimmed about as far as the third or fourth chapter (something I always do before settling in and really reading) before I had to head to work and never had a chance to get back to it. If I remember correctly, it deals with the team locking Tony away because of a telepathic villain, and is heavy in Tony! and team!Angst. It was a really amazing story, with a beautiful writing style and characterization so please, please help me find it!

2) Slavery!AUs, particularly with slave!Clint/Hawkeye
grrr..., *sigh*

Darcy deaged - Specific fic

A while back I read a comment fic where Loki deages Darcy Lewis, and the Avengers have to take care of her until they can fix it/make Loki reverse it. Most of what I remember about it was that she had hilarious tea parties/play dates with Deadpool, I'm fairly sure there was a Darcy/Clint component, and I know it was multi-part and pretty long. If I remember correctly, it was in response to a meme, but I can't remember which one and my GoogleFu is failing me. Help!
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Strong Avenger Loki

Hey guys!

For quite a long time I have been finding myself not much enjoying the stories I read anymore. You see, Loki is my favorite character and I love it when he is strong, witty, self-confident - where do these stories hide?
Can you help me finding a Loki-centric fanfiction where he:

- is a strong (maybe a little cold), fierce, royal character - a MAN (people seem to forget that)

- knows how to fight, even without magic (what we saw at the end of Thor, thank you very much)

- joins the Avengers out of his own free will - not because Thor brought him back to earth as a punishment etc. Maybe Loki even came to earth first, leaving Asgard behind because he grew tired of it's hostility towards him.

- connects with people - finds friends, a lover, becomes a father, I don't care. I don't mind slash (but, please, refrain from recommending mpreg-fics)

- learns from his faults and becomes stronger through it?

Something that fits the criteria above, it doesn't have to contain all of  them but I'm sure you get the idea. 

Thank you so much. I wonder if you can come up with something :)

And because I love to share:
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