January 20th, 2013

Tony doesn't drink alcohol

I'm looking for a fic where all of Tony's decanters look like they hold whiskey etc but actually hold raiboos (sp?) tea. Clint figures it out and keeps asking for little umbrellas in his.
I remember at one point Natasha refills Tony's main decanter with alchol and Tony 'changes his mind' about getting and drink when he smells it.
Any ideas?
  • loki634

Specific fic search for college AU Steve/Tony

Its a decently long fic and I remember a lot and that it was on AO3 but not the title or anything of the tags. One scene and the first was where Steve was at a party he sees Tony there, young and out of place. They talk and he realizes Tony is really young but later they date. Tony's parents die and he goes to Steve's for comfort (Steve's mother plays a large role and she's great in this fic.) Later Steve's mother dies, and it follows on to where Tony guess missing Afghanistan, and the last scene i remember is where Tony i s on the rooftop of stark industrIes after dealing with Obadiah. Ring any bells? Thanks!
  • kcisme1

Doctor Tony

Hey guys/gals!

So today I have a bit of a general search.

I'm looking for some stories where Tony is a certified doctor. Maybe no one knows cause he uses a different name or something. But anyway, maybe the team (or most of the team) don't realize/know so when Tony steps in to be his awesome doctor self everyone is all WHAT? Maybe he doesn't know they don't know, or maybe they always go to Bruce and Bruce and Tony just shrug cause I mean, who would really trust TONY with their health. Or something. Lol... so, yeah...

  • mmifa

Specific story

Hi everyone!

I'm looking for a story, pretty sure it was long, maybe even epic. Don't remember the pairing, but it must have been Steve/Tony or Bruce/Tony.
The problem is, I don't remember anything about the plot - just some really hilarious moments. It's not an AU, they are all still living in the mansion.
1. At some point they were fighting giant vicious rabbits and hulk was trying to pet one and wanted to keep them as a pet
2. Bruce turned into Hulk several times after watching Hitchcock before going to sleep and Hulk said smth like "hulk didn't know he was afraid of birds"
3. Maybe Hulk also was a bit obsessed with making noodles or ramen in the microwave?

Come to think of it, with so much memorised Hulk situations, maybe it was Bruce/Tony or Bruce/someone...
I really hope this stuff is from one story and that it rings some bells, it was a really good read!