January 22nd, 2013

  • mousie3

Stark Tower, Mansion, etc.

So at the end of the movie, Tony and Pepper are looking at the floor plans for what looks like an Avengers headquarters. Most likely in Stark Tower. Are there any good fics out there about how all of the Avengers come to live in Stark Tower (or Stark Mansion, or any of Tony's other properties)? I imagine that the process of inviting the whole team to live there would be interesting. I'd also love any fics about how they all settle in to life with each other, Pepper, and JARVIS.

Tony lays into Steve

Hi everyone,
I'm looking for recs to fics where Tony lays into Steve, getting all his pent up anger towards Howard out and directing it at what he percieves to be the source.
Fics where Tony hates Steve, and the assumptions Steve made before he even met Tony, about his character and why Tony is nothing like Howard.
I'd really like to see Steve's reaction when Tony tells him Howard ignored his only child to go chasing a ghost.

Thanks for any help!

  • mmifa

Angsty stuff, building trust

My first and last request was answered super-quickly, so I'm asking to make my day once more!
Recently I've been reading a lot of fluff and happy-going and -ending stories so now I crave for some angst. But with HE! /wince/ Sorry, I'm primitive like that.

I'm looking for slash, any pairing though Steve and Tony and Bruce are my favourites. Can be get-together or established.

Basically, I want some trust or self-esteem issues. It could be heavy - like being previously tortured or experimented on by military (Bruce). A bit lighter - like bad relationship in the past, not necessarily with abuse or non-con, maybe just not being appreciated and thinking he should always offer something in return. Wanna see how the couple deals with it, the other partner knowing all along or gradually finding out, doesn't matter.
Can be an AU without superpowers, 'm not picky)

Some examples:
Assume a Defensive Stance AO3, Clint/Bruce, Clint thinking himself being a good lay is the only thing he can offer and Bruce being wonderful and protective)
Red Against White AO3, Bruce/Tony, team finds out about Ross experiments )
Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be AO3, pre-Bruce/Tony, Stark drags Bruce out of the research facility, wary Bruce and awesome Tony. But there's no promised slash in the end, sniff ;( )
this grey house where I come from AO3, Steve/Tony, Tony's previous boyfriend was emotionally manipulative)

A bit weird but I hope you get the idea.
Plotty, longish and well-written are always a plus!